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San Marino
Voting method
No external voting

Republic of San Marino, ODIHR Needs Assessment Report, Early Parliamentary Elections of 8 December 2019, accessed 15 December 2019

“Voters who reside abroad and wish to vote must travel to San Marino to cast their vote inperson at one of nine designated PSOs. Several ODIHR NAM interlocutors expressed support for the introduction of alternative voting mechanisms to facilitate voting for the high number of citizens residing permanently abroad.”

OSCE/ODIHR Needs Assessment Mission Report: Early Parliamentary Elections 20 November 2016

“The Electoral Law was amended in 2016, reducing the number of preferential votes from three to one and re-introducing the right of voters from abroad to cast a preferential vote. […]Voters who permanently reside abroad must travel to San Marino to cast their vote in person.”