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Saint Helena
Voting method

Saint Helena, ELECTIONS ORDINANCE 2009 (as of 30 October 2019), accessed 9 November 2021

4.(1) A person is entitled to be registered as an elector if, and is not entitled to be so registered unless, the person —

(a) has St Helenian status, as defined in the Immigration Ordinance, 2011;

(b) has attained the age of 17 years; and

(c) is, on the date on which the person applies to be registered, both present in St Helena and ordinarily resident in the constituency for which the person applies to be registered.

(2) A person is deemed to satisfy subsection (1)(c) and subject to subsection (2A), may be registered as an elector if, on the date that the person applies to be registered as an elector, the person makes a declaration in the prescribed form that the person is ordinarily resident in St Helena and is away from St Helena for the purpose of employment, education, or training (of the person or the person’s spouse or life partner) or for the purpose of medical treatment (of the person or the person’s spouse or life partner or a dependant of the person).

(2A) Subsection (2) does not apply to a person who has been absent from St Helena for a continuous period of 30 months or for periods exceeding in aggregate 625 days in the preceding 30 months.

Absent and sick electors

12. (1) Subject to the following provisions an elector may make application to the Returning Officer to be treated as an absent or a sick elector on either of the following grounds—

(a) that the elector at the date of the election is likely to be absent from St Helena; or

(b) that, by reason of illness or physical incapacity, it is not practicable for the elector to attend in person at the polling station.

(2) An application under subsection (1)—

(a) must be received by the Returning Officer at least 48 hours before the time specified for the opening of the poll; and

(b) must nominate a person who is registered as an elector in the same electoral district to vote as a proxy on behalf of the absent or sick elector.