Voting method - Cyprus

Voting method

PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS 22 May 2011 OSCE/ODIHR Election Assessment Mission Final Report, page 6

“For the 22 May elections, 1,186 polling stations were established inthe government-controlled areas in the Republic and at 17 polling stationsabroad. A minimum of 30 registered voters is necessary to establish a pollingstation. Although the law does not provide for a maximum number of voters, thebiggest polling stations in urban areas served around 500–600 registeredvoters.

The legislation provides for the establishment of polling stationsabroad if a minimum of 30 voters apply to register in the voter lists of eachout-of-country polling station. For the 22 May elections, out-of-country votershad to apply through the internet to the General Returning Officer by 18 April.A voter has to be registered in the permanent voter list to be included on theout-of-country voter list. The total number of voters registered abroad was9,311 for all six districts.”

OSCE/ODIHR Technical Mission Report, 13-16 March 2001on Parliamentary Elections held in 2001 reports that:

“The Electoral Law does not include provisions toallow citizens living abroad to cast votes. However, out-of-country voting forcitizens residing temporarily abroad is under consideration and could beintroduced for future parliamentary elections.”

All the above information indicates that external voting was allowed in Cyprus quite recently. Based on the OSCE/ODIHR report in 2011, we assume that external voting was first introduced in Cyprus in 2011. It was not possible to find the text of the recent version of Election Law, therefore we cannot establish the date of enactment of external voting.

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