Voting method - Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
Voting method
No external voting

Voters residing abroad have to come back to the island in order to be able to vote. 


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Representation of the People Act (revised in 2009), accessed 28 December 2020

34. (1) Save as otherwise provided by Part I and the Election Rules, all persons voting as voters at an election shall do so in person at the polling station allotted to them in accordance with the provisions made by or under this Act. […]

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Electoral Office, Voters Information, accessed 28 December 2020

Report of the Commonwealth Election Observer Team on St Vincent and the Grenadines General Elections (9 December 2015)

“The Team was informed that there is no legislative framework governing campaign financing and that political parties are not under any obligation to declare their sources of funding. In addition, political parties do not directly receive state funding to support their activities. The view was expressed to the Team by some interlocutors that election campaigning had become an expensive process, with the level of campaign financing having direct and consequential implications for the results of the poll. In this context, a particular issue raised was the transportation of citizens of St Vincent and the Grenadines from overseas for the dedicated purpose of voting. […] We noted the enthusiasm of young people at political rallies, and we were advised that 15 some political parties facilitated the return home of some overseas based students who were eligible to vote.”