Voting method - Iraq

Voting method

Regulation of CoR elections 2010 for Iraqis voters living abroad. Regulation No. 20 of 2010

Chapter Four. Registration and Polling

1. Both, registration and pollingprocesses will be conducted in the same time in registration and polling centers identified by IHEC in host countries.

2. Eligible voters will register their names and data in the voter register during the polling process, in order to cast their votes.

3. Eligible voters must present their IDs, identified by IHEC, in order to list their names and date in the voter register. In case these IDs are accepted, voters can register and vote in the same time.

4. Eligible voters will vote for their original governorates, according to the conditional voting mechanism. IHEC, through its procedures, will identify the required documents to prove voter's affiliation to the governorate.

5. Eligible voters, who reside in other countries than the host country, may travel to the host country for registration and voting; within the time specified by IHEC for polling.