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Sierra Leone
Voting method
No external voting

Again, the 2012 law mentions only registration of voters outside of the country, but no regulations concerning their voting from outside.


The Public Elections Act, 2012

15. (1) Subject to section 16, every person who–

(a) has attained the age of eighteen years or who will on the date of the holding of the next election have attained the age of eighteen years; and

(b) is ordinarily resident in a ward, is entitled to be registered as a voter in that ward and, when so registered, to vote at an election in that ward.

 (2) A person’s ordinary residence shall be determined by reference to all the facts of the case and in particular, by reference to the rules contained in the First Schedule.

(3) Without prejudice to subsections (1) and (2), the Electoral Commission may, by statutory instrument, specify places, other than the areas referred to in those subsections, for the purposes of registration, voting or transfer of the votes of the voters as may be specified in the order.

18. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Act, the Electoral Commission may make provision for the registration outside Sierra Leone of non-resident citizens of Sierra Leone who may wish to be registered as voters.