Voting method - Niger

Voting method

Niger, Electoral Code as of March 2020 [in French], accessed 5 January 2021

Art. 45: Les citoyens nigériens résidant hors du territoire national demeurent inscrits sur la liste de leur dernière résidence au Niger lorsqu’ils ne sont pas inscrits sur la liste de l’Ambassade et/ou du Consulat concerné.

Les citoyens nigériens qui décident d’établir leur résidence ou leur domicile à l’étranger doivent se faire rayer de la liste électorale de leur dernière résidence au Niger. [...]

IFES, Elections in the Republic of Niger: 2020 General Elections, Frequently Asked Questions, accessed 28 December 2020

“The Electoral Code provides for out-of-country voting, notably by establishing polling stations in embassies and consulates. However, the audit conducted by the Organization internationale de la francophonie and the Economic Community of West African States notes that the Nigerien diaspora was not included on the voter roll.19 There will be no out-of-country voting for this year’s presidential election, in large part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a decision that the Constitutional Court has accepted based on force majeure.”