Voting method - Lesotho

Voting method

Report of the Commonwealth on Lesotho National Assembly Elections of 3 June 2017 cites the National Assembly Electoral Act (2011), which indicates the currency of this law as of June 2017.


National Assembly Elections Order 1992

See Sections 9G and 61-69

National Assembly Electoral Act (2011)

73. (1) An elector may apply to vote as an advance elector if the elector is not able to vote on the elections day at the voting station allocated to the elector in terms of section 7(1)(e) because the elector –

(a) is a public officer employed in the service of the Government of Lesotho in another country; […]

152. (1) Subject to any general and special directions that may be given by the Commission, the head of a Lesotho diplomatic mission in another country –

(a) shall perform the functions of the Director for the purposes of registering as electors –

(i) public officers employed in the service of the Government in that country; and

(ii) the dependants or employees of those public officers.

(b) shall perform the functions of a voting station manager for the purpose of enabling electors who are the officers, dependents, or employees referred to in paragraph (a) to vote during elections as advance electors.