Voting method - Vanuatu

Voting method
Personal Proxy

The Republic of Vanuatu, Representation of the People Act (1982, last amended in 2017), accessed 15 March 2020

Section 34: “A person may vote by proxy in the circumstances and in the manner provided for in Schedule 4.”  Schedule 4, rule 1(1) provides:  “A person who applies in accordance with section 11(1) to be registered as an overseas voter and wishes to vote by proxy shall nominate a proxy […]”  There is no provision for any other type of voting other than in person or proxy (e.g. no fax or postal voting).

The Republic of Vanuatu, VEO, HOW TO VOTE, accessed 15 March 2020

“PROXY VOTING: The law has provisions for proxy, allowing certain categories of voters who are unable to vote on polling day to vote nominate a proxy to vote in their name. The proxy must be enrolled in the same polling station as the applicant. No voter is allowed to cast a proxy vote for more than two voters.

Any eligible voter is allowed to apply for proxy voting if it can be demonstrated that he/she cannot vote at his/her designated polling station because of health, disability, old age, work outside polling district, and work or study overseas. Additionally, electoral officers working outside their designated polling district are also eligible for proxy voting. ide their constituency and are unable to vote at the polling station where they registered to vote, can also apply for proxy voting. […]

VOTING FROM ABROAD: The law allows for the EC, following a recommendation from the PEO and after consultations with the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to designate one or more polling stations in a foreign country. Voting from abroad is only valid for national elections. In 2016, there was only one polling station abroad, in Noumea (New Caledonia).”