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Voting method
Personal Postal

Deadlines apply for absentee vote requests. Requests must be received by the Director more than 40 days before the election: Section 602(2) (see PL16-31).  It is possible that voting from abroad arrangements may be in place in the State of Pohnpei.  However, note that the laws of the State of Pohnpei are not available online. 


Public Law 14-76; as amended by Public Law 14-98; 15-02 and 16-31. For sub-national elections, see Chuuk Code; Kosrae State Code; Yap State Code. 

Section 601(3): “An absentee voter may vote by absentee ballot in one of the following ways:

(a) by mail; […]

(d) by voting at a special Polling Place; or

(e) by voting at a traveler Polling Place” (as amended by PL 14-98):

Voters must complete an absentee vote request: s601(5).  Absentee vote requests may be sent via embassies or consulates in foreign countries. Ballots may also be collected and returned via an embassy or consulate: Section 602(1)c. (as amended by PL 16-31):

The legislation provides for the establishment of 2 special polling places in overseas (US) territory: one in Guam, and one in Honolulu.  The legislation expressly prohibits the establishment of any further special polling places abroad: Section 605(2). (as amended by PL 15-02).

Sub-National Elections

At the sub-national level, voting from abroad arrangements are in place for at least 3 of the 4 states of FSM, usually by postal vote, but also at special polling places in the State of Yap.

Chuuk Code, Title 13 ‘Elections,’ Chapter 6 'Election Day Procedures’ Articles 1532, 1533 and 1538.  

Kosrae State Code, Title 3 ‘Suffrage and Elections,’ Part II ‘Elections,’ Chapter 16 ‘Absentee Voting,’ Sections 3.1601, 3.1603, and 3.1604.  

Yap State Code, Title 7, ‘Elections,’ Chapter 7, ‘Absentee Voters,’ Articles 701-707.