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005 Election Law

Article 3

Electoral System and Allocation of Seats 

1. The Palestinian electoral law shall be based on the mixed electoral system evenly (50%-50%) between the relative majority (multiple constituencies) and proportional representation (list system) considering the entire Palestinian territories as one electoral constituency. 

2.The number of the council members shall be 132 and distributed as follows: 

a. 66 members elected on the basis of relative majority (multiple constituencies) and distributed in the 16 constituencies according to the population of each constituency, and with no less than one seat for each constituency. Six seats shall be allocated for Christians selected from different constituencies defined by a presidential decree. 

b. 66 members elected on the basis of proportional representation (lists) considering the entire Palestinian territories as one electoral constituency. 

c. The electoral list shall be formed by a party or a coalition of parties or grouping of voters for the purpose of elections provided that the lists shall be in compliance with the requirements for candidacy as per the election law. 

Article 5: Proportional Allocation of Seats 

1. Each electoral list that receives 2% or more of the valid votes on the basis of the proportional representation system shall be allocated a number of seats proportional to the total number of votes that the list receives. 

2. Each electoral list shall provide the Central Elections Commission (CEC) with a list of its candidates before the candidacy deadline ends. 

3.The list of electoral list candidates shall be closed in terms of the order of names, and the seats each list wins shall be distributed over the candidates in accordance with the order of names in the list, (the first, the second and so on).