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Working for women in Tunisian politics


One third of the Tunisian parliament is made up of women but political parties are still struggling to include more women in their ranks. In order to ensure that the equality and the involvement of women within Tunisian politics is considered by political parties in the long-term, International IDEA is hosting a workshop on strategic planning for political parties on comparative and gender perspectives’ in Tunis on 13 and 14 February.

Starting on 13 February representatives from nine of Tunisia’s main political parties will listen to a series of short presentations and take part in working group sessions and exercises to increase their understanding of the barriers women face in the political process and how they can be removed.

Gender and comparative experiences and perspectives will be presented to help the parties better understand the importance of developing long-term gender sensitive strategic plans. The multiparty approach adopted helps to facilitate experiences sharing and identify possible joint chal­lenges to both party capacity building and the democratic transition in Tunisia.

During the two-day workshop participants will focus on topics relating to how to initiate and draft a strategic plan to improve gender equality and how to implement and evaluate the plan once it is in place.

The workshop will be followed by technical meetings between International IDEA and representatives of the executive leaderships of four parties in order to provide additional technical support in further developing their gender sensitive strategic plans and discuss new issues.

This one-on-one approach will identify priorities within the specific parties and deter­mine the future focus of each party in more specific context.