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International IDEA shines a light on policies for the Peruvian presidential elections


As the second run of presidential elections draw near, International IDEA and RPP Group News will be launching the next stage of the Electoral GPS tool. The software evaluates the degree of affinity voters have with the candidates running for presidency, allowing the voters to identify with a candidate based on policies, not personality. The tool was used in the first round of elections to give voters more insight into the ten presidential candidates.

The tool is currently being reprogrammed in preparation for the second stage of the presidential elections. In the first round, there was a selection of ten candidates – which is in process of being whittled down to two presidential candidates.

Percy Medina, Head of Mission, Peru stated “We launched this tool after an extensive work undertaken in collaboration with opinion leaders from RPP News, a great team from International IDEA and the presidential candidates from the current electoral contest. We hope to give citizens a tool that will be able to help them define their votes”.

The latest version of the tool will be launched on 9 May. Presidential Elections will be held on 5 June.