Press Release

“Domingo García Rada” Chair in Democracy Conference – ‘The State of Democracy in Latin America’


The “Domingo García Rada” Chair in Democracy will kick off its activities with a conference on 18 August, led by Dr Daniel Zovatto, regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean (International IDEA). The focus will be on ‘The State of Democracy in Latin America’.

The “Domingo García Rada” Chair was established by the National Elections Board (Jurado Nacional de Elecciones) to strengthen educational and academic links with democracy and electoral matters. This academic initiative aims to create a venue for high-level academic reflection and discussion of issues crucial for democracy today, from a comparative standpoint, thus contributing to a better quality of life for our country’s citizens and institutions.

The Chair will hold two sessions a year. Each session will include a leading international speaker who will present on a topic related to democracy from an academic and comparative perspective. All activities will be managed by Dr. Francisco Távara Córdova, President of the National Elections Board, with the participation of Dr. Daniel Zovatto. 

Dr. Zovatto will speak on “The state of democracy in Latin America” at 8 p.m. at the Sonesta Hotel El Olivar in Lima (Pancho Fierro 194, San Isidro). This event has been designed for politicians, business leaders, academics and shapers of public opinion. 

For more information contact: Valeria Ramos, Jurado Nacional de Elecciones, Tel. 311-1700 ext. 3253