Democracy Building in Conflict and Post-Conflict Settings

4 March 2008
Stockholm, Sweden

The intense period of political change across the globe since the end of the Cold War and in conjunction with the post-September 11 environment has brought new challenges and demands to our understanding of what it means to engage in democracy building in conflict and post-conflict settings.

Peace building initiatives, peace keeping operations and reconstruction efforts are today far more complex and sophisticated not only due to the deep changes in the political landscape but also due to an increased awareness within the international community of the high costs and long term implications that failures bring about.

Such awareness is paired with the availability of new information and analytical tools as well as the emergence of new international and regional initiatives to address the interaction between drivers of peace and conflict.

About the Speaker

Secretary-General of International IDEA (2006-2013)
Vidar Helgesen

Vidar Helgesen is a former International IDEA Secretary-General.