Russia’s War against Ukraine: Implications for Democracy and Democracy Assistance in Armenia, Georgia and Moldova

Virtual Round Table, 22 March 2022
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3 Junio 2022
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Armenia, Georgia and Moldova continue to strengthen their democratic systems. Achievements, albeit with many challenges, include improvements to the conduct of elections, increasing the transparency and accountability of government institutions, and maintaining an open civic space for citizens and media to openly debate, question, or challenge their governments.

Just days after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and following Ukraine’s urgent application for membership of the European Union, Georgia and Moldova also sent in their applications. Even if the accession may entail a long road ahead, it signals a resolution of all three countries to further invest in deepening their democratic systems of government. If there is a positive fall out to be found from this devastating war, this could be it.

International IDEA hosted a virtual Round Table, inviting three prominent democracy and rights advocates from Armenia, Georgia and Moldova to share their reflections and recommendations on what may lie ahead and what efforts domestic and international actors could undertake in support of democratic deepening in the region.



1. The outlook from Moldova

2. The outlook from Georgia

3. The outlook from Armenia