State of Democracy Assessment Framework

State of Democracy
The Assessment Framework at the National Level

The State of Democracy Assessment Framework aims to assess the quality of democracy a the national level and can be used as a whole, in part or targeted at specific priority areas.

Assessing the Quality of Democracy: A Practical Guide

The framework is built on a methodology that may be applied in any democracy, regardless of its level of economic development, and is made up of three main parts: concepts and mediating values, the framework structure and 90 search questions.

The framework is available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Thai.

Principles and Mediating Values

Democratic principles and mediating values provide the standards by which institutions and processes are assessed, thus serving as a measuring rod with which to examine the quality of democracy.

Pillars and Search Questions

The assessment framework is made up of a total of 90 questions, divided into four thematic areas that can be customized according to the context, which serve as a guideline for the assessment.

How to do an Assessment

The assessment process is divided into five equally important key stages in order to get a comprehensive and exhaustive evaluation of the status of a democracy.



The International IDEA State of Democracy Assessment Framework one-pager provides at-a-glance information about the framework and how to use it efficiently. Download the step-by-step quick guide today.

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