Interparty Dialogue Skills and Training Module


Multiparty politics is about balancing the competition for political power and seeking shared solutions that benefit a country and its citizens. Effective and inclusive dialogue between political parties is an essential element of democratic politics.

Conflict and polarized relations between political parties can block development. Trust and cooperation between political parties is imperative to allow for reforms that are needed for peace, democracy and development to be achieved and sustained. Interparty dialogue platforms exist in many shapes and forms, including both formal (established) and informal mechanisms. Such platforms could be set up to either achieve a specific outcome (e.g. agreement on a new constitution) or with a broader objective of nurturing the spirit of tolerance and peaceful competition.

What are the benefits of dialogue training?

As much as political party dialogue starts with political will, dialogue is also a skill. Experience from the field shows that even where political will exists, interparty dialogues often fail to deliver results. Usually, either the dialogue process was not properly designed or managed or the actors involved lacked dialogue skills. This module helps bridge the gap that often exists between the ‘will to dialogue’ and actually realizing intended dialogue outcomes.

About this training course

As part of their long-standing partnership in support of political parties and interparty dialogue, the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) and the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) have developed a joint training module to enhance skills of political party leaders and members in interparty dialogue. The training module, which can be customized, aims to strengthen participants’ knowledge of key interparty dialogue design considerations, required skills and behavior of dialogue participants and facilitators. The training can be implemented as a one-day, three-day or five-day course, depending on the audience and context.



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