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Stockholm University Working Paper Series

Working Papers

2003:1, International Implementation of Electoral Gender Quotas in the Balkans - A Fact-Finding Report (pdf)
Anja Taarup Nordlund

2003:2, Women's Political Representation and Gender Quotas - the Swedish Case (pdf)
Lenita Freidenvall

2004:1, Gender Quotas in Britain: A Fast Track to Equality? (pdf)
Judith Squires

2004:2, Demands for Electoral Gender Quotas in Afghanistan and Iraq (pdf doc)
Anja Taarup Nordlund

2004:3, Quota as Empowerment. Teh Use of Reserved Seats in Union Parishad as an Instrument for Women's Political Empowerment in Bangladesh (pdf doc)
Emma Frankl

2005:1 "Before the Bums are on the Seats" - Women's Representation in Scottish Devolution Politics (pdf doc)
Helena Lundgren

2005:2 Lagstadgad könskvotering i bolagsstyrelser? – en analys av den svenska mediadebatten (pdf doc)
Ã…sa Fredell

Conference Papers

Quotas as a "Fast Track" to Equal Political Representation for Women (word doc)
Drude Dahlerup & Lenita Freidenvall

"Quotas are changing the history of women" (word doc)
Drude Dahlerup

Gender quotas - akey to equality? A case study of Iraq and Afghanistan (word doc)
Drude Dahlerup & Anja Taarup Nordlund

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