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Viet Nam (Socialist Republicof Viet Nam)

Viet Nam (Socialist Republicof Viet Nam) has a Unicameral parliament with legislated quotas for the single/lower house and upper house. 132 of 494 (27%) seats in the Quoc-Hoi / National Assembly are held by women.

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Structure of Parliament: Unicameral

Are there legislated quotas...

  • For the Single/Lower House? Yes
  • For the Sub-National Level?

Are there voluntary quotas...

  • Adopted by political parties?

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  • Yes

Last updated: Jul 2, 2019

Single/Lower House

Quoc-Hoi / National Assembly

Total seats 494
Total Women 132
% Women 27%
Election Year 2016
Electoral System TRS
Quota Type Legislated Candidate Quotas
Election details IDEA Voter Turnout - IPU Parline
  Legal source Details
Quota type: Legislated Candidate Quotas Electoral law

According to Electoral Law 2015, under Article 8 of chapter II, 'the number of women who are nominated National Assembly candidates shall be proposed by Standing Committee of the National Assembly at the request of the Presidium of Central Committee of Vietnam Women's Union, provided that at least 35% of total official National Assembly candidates are women.'

According to Article 9, 'standing bodies of People’s Councils of districts shall make proposals for proportion, composition and number of nominated People’s Council candidates of provinces or districts nominated by political organizations, socio-political organizations, social organizations, people's armed units, regulatory agencies at the same administrative level and inferior administrative divisions, public service providers and business organizations in administrative divisions, provided that at least 35% of total official People’s Council candidates are women'. This also applies to the candidate list of commune councils. 

Legal sanctions for non-compliance Electoral law


Rank order/placement rules Electoral law


Is the provision of direct public funding to political parties related to gender equality among candidates? No data available
Are there provisions for other financial advantages to encourage gender equality in political parties? No data available

Additional Information

The 2015 electoral law stipulates that at least 35 per cent of candidates be women. All candidatures must be screened by the Fatherland Front, an umbrella body of pro-government mass-movements close to the Communist Party. Prior to the 2016 elections, the National Assembly chose the country's new leaders. On 31 March, Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan was elected as the first woman Speaker in Viet Nam. Subsequently, during the 2016 election, 39% of the candidates were women (, 2016). 



Additional reading

  • Joshi, D. K. and Thimothy, R. 2018. ‘Long-term impacts of parliamentary gender quotas in a single-party system: Symbolic co-option or delayed integration?’, International Political Science Review. doi: 10.1177/0192512118772852.

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