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Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

Slovakia (Slovak Republic) has a Unicameral parliament with the use of voluntary party quotas. 31 of 150 (21%) seats in the Narodna rada Slovenskej republiky / National Council are held by women.

At a glance

Structure of Parliament: Unicameral

Are there legislated quotas...

  • For the Single/Lower House? No
  • For the Sub-National Level? No

Are there voluntary quotas...

  • Adopted by political parties? Yes

Is there additional information?...

  • No

Last updated: Feb 19, 2020

Single/Lower House

Narodna rada Slovenskej republiky / National Council

Total seats 150
Total Women 31
% Women 21%
Election Year 2016
Electoral System List PR
Quota Type No legislated
Election details IDEA Voter Turnout - IPU Parline

Voluntary Political Party Quotas*

Party Official name Details, Quota provisions
Communist Party of Slovakia Komunistická strana Slovenska [KSS] One woman among the eight first candidates. The party is not represented in parliament after the 2006 election.
Alliance of the New Citizen Aliancia Nového Obcana [ANO] ANO has an informal 33 percent quota for women. The party is not represented in parliament after the 2006 election.
Party of the Democratic Left Strana Demokratickej Lavice [SDL] SDL had a 20 percent quota for women on party lists. The party merged with the social democratic SMER. SMER has no quota for women.
People's Party - Movement for a Democratic Slovakia Ľudová strana - Hnutie za demokratické Slovensko [HZDS] HZDS has a parity target.

* Only political parties represented in parliament are included. When a country has legislated quotas in place, only political parties that have voluntary quotas that exceed the percentage/number of the national quota legislation are presented in this table.

Additional Information

Slovakia does not regulate, neither for the Lower Camera or the Sub-national level, the existance of gender quotas. Nonetheless, since 2006, different political parties have stablished voluntary quotas to guarantee women's representation.



Additional reading

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