International IDEA would like to thank all those who have participated in the Political Finance project. Starting with the project managers,– Elin Falguera and Magnus Öhman, for their hard work making the database the world’s primary resource on political party and candidate finance regulations, providing expertise and pulling together all the resources making it so comprehensive.

Gratitude goes to those who contributed their expertise to the initial development and future direction of the project and who continuously throughout the project have been available to provide guidance: Elin Bjarnegård – Uppsala University, Nana Kalandadze- International IDEA, Lisa Klein- UK Electoral Commission, Dr. Daniela Piccio- Leiden University, Victor Shale- Electoral Institute for the Sustainability of Democracy in Africa (EISA), Prof. Bruno Speck - Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Sam van der Staak- International IDEA, Dr. Jurij Toplak- University of Maribor, Santiago Villaveces- International IDEA.

There is also great appreciation for the individuals and institutions that made the data collection possible through their persistent research:

Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO) - Anna Solyom and András Keil

Arab World Democracy and Electoral Monitor (Al-Marsad) – Aref Jaffal

Centre for Electoral Reform (CETRO) - Hadar Gumay, Aisyah Iskandar and Khoirunnisa Agustyati

Electoral Institute for the Sustainability of Democracy in Africa (EISA) – Naphtaly Sekamogeng

Gorée Institute - Ibrahima Niang and Antoinette Mbrou

Institute for Education in Democracy (IED) - Elizabeth Marete and Collins Onsembe

Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE) - Carlos Navarro, Julia Almaraz and Mariana Sanchez

Resource Building Institute in Democracy, Governance and Elections (RBI) - Arpineh Galfayan and Gor Hakobian

Uppsala University - Linn Asplund, Simon Sjöberg, Daphne Wahlund and Tyra Warfvinge

Their contributions have truly ensured this project has global coverage.

We wish to thank those experts who have dedicated their time providing feedback and materials for the research and whose work verifying information have guaranteed a high quality of the country replies.

Adhy Aman – International IDEA

Shahzada Akram - Transparency International Bangladesh

Ileana Aguilar –Expert

Iskra Andreeva - Transparency Macedonia

Maria Archimandritou - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Dr. Elaine Byrne – Trinity College

Humberto de la Calle Lombana - Former Electoral Institution of Colombia

Ronald Chacón Badilla - Supreme Electoral Tribunal, Costa Rica

Magda Ceballos - Tribunal Electoral de Panamá

Fernando Casal Bertoa – Leiden University

Bertha Chiroro, Democracy and Governance, Independent Consultant

Yessica Clavijo Chipoco - Jurado Nacional de Elecciones, Peru

Fabricio Cóndor - Nacional Electoral de Ecuador

Enkhtsetseg Dagva – Open Society Forum, Mongolia

Delia Ferreira Rubio – Independent Consultant

Adam Foldes - Transparency International Hungary

Dr. Wojciech Gagatek- Univerity of Zürich

Prof Andrew Geddis - University of Otago

Steve Goodrich – UK Electoral Commission

Maria Gratschew – OSCE Tajikistan

Steven Gray and Natalia Iuras – IFES Moldova

Radivoje Grujic - IFES Serbia

Carlos Enrique Girón Girón - Tribunal Supremo Electoral, Guatemala

Eduardo Gutierrez - Consejo Nacional Electoral de Venezuela

Irena Hadziabdic and Mubera Vulović - the Bosnia and Herzegovina Central Election Commission

Prof. Rick Hasen – UC Irvine School of Law

Varuzhan Hoktanyan - Transparency International Armenia

Arto Jaaskelainen – Ministry of Justice – Election Unit, Finland

Jimmy Jeanlouis - Gender Links Barometer, Mauritius

Barbara Jouan - National Commission for Campaign Accounts and Political Finances, France

Ing. Jaime E. Juárez - Tribunal Supremo Electoral, El Salvador

Michael Koss - University of Potsdam

Jebeh Kawah - National Elections Commission, Liberia

Nina Khatiskatsi – Transparency International, Georgia

Heeman Koo - National Election Commission, Republic of Korea

C.K. Lal - Independent commentator and columnist, Nepal

Peete Lerotholi – Independent Consultant, Lesotho

Katy Le Roy – Office of Parliamentary Council, Nauru

Carlos María Ljudovic - Tribunal Superior de Justicia Electoral, Paraguay

Andrea Milla- International IDEA

Wilifried Marxer - Liechtenstein-Institut Auf dem Kirchhügel

Fransje Molenaar – Leiden University

Stephan de Mul - Federal Public Service Home Affairs/Elections Unit, Belgium

Nemanja Nenadic – Transparency International, Serbia

Tinatin Ninua – Transparency International Secretariat, Berlin

Mario Núñez - Junta Central Electoral, Costa Rica

Robert Patterson - IFES Cambodia

Gary Pienaar – IDASA

Phea Sat - IFES Cambodia

Marcelo Rubio - Corte Electoral, Uruguay

Donald Shuster -University of Guam

Jeyong Sohn - University of Tokyo

Angela Taylor - Barbados Electoral and Boundaries Commission

Nataļja Titova and Dina Spule - Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau of Latvia

Corinne Toscan – Secretariat General, Mairie de Monaco

Dorota Tulczyńska - National Electoral Office, Poland

Oscar Dario Valladares R. - Tribunal Supremo Electoral, Honduras

Rine Uera - Electoral Commission, Kiribati

Marcin Walecki – Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe - Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights

Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee - Election Commission Malaysia

Pauline Welsh –Electoral Office of Jamaica

Dr. Sebastian Wolf - Liechtenstein-Institut Auf dem Kirchhügel

Hani Zainulbhai – IFES

Daniel Zovatto – International IDEA