Former International IDEA Staff

Keboitse Machangana

Former Director of Global Programme
Democracy assessment, gender equality and women´s human rights, programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; process facilitation using adult learning methodologies.


Keboitse Machangana leads and manages a portfolio of programmes that supports democracy world-wide through the development and application of global comparative knowledge resources and tools, supporting democratic reforms, as well as actively contributing to shaping the global and regional policy agendas by bringing the democracy lens and perspective to debates at that level.

This portfolio includes Electoral Processes, Constitution Building Processes, Political Participation and Representation, Democracy and Development, and Democracy, Assessment, Analysis and Advisory Unit—a unit responsible for the Institute's work on citizen-led assessments of democracy—and the integration of Gender, Diversity, and Conflict sensitivity into the work of the Institute.

For more than two decades, Machangana has worked in the democracy and governance field, with a specific focus on women´s human rights and gender equality, democracy assessment and measurement, as well as design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of democracy assistance programmes.

Machangana's previous work experience includes serving as a Head of the State of Democracy Programme, Head of Democracy Assessment and Analysis Unit and Acting Director of Operations, Advisor-Democracy Assessment & Analysis at International IDEA; Democracy and Governance Advisor at USAID Regional Centre for Southern Africa; Executive Director and Coordinator of the Political Education Project at Emang Basadi Women’s Association in Botswana.  

MA in Pastoral Ministry Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, Newburgh, USA; MA in Public Administration, University of Botswana; Post-graduate Diploma in Education, University of Botswana; and BA in Humanities, University of Botswana.