Former International IDEA Staff

George Okong’o

Former Senior Programme Manager
Elections, state building, nation building, governance in polarized societies and the research-policy nexus in Africa.


George Okong’o oversaw International IDEA's project supporting political and electoral processes in Kenya and the establishment of International IDEA's Kenya Country Office. (The office is closed as of 2019.) 

The project, in its second phase since 2012, focused on implementation of laws and regulations related to electoral processes and political parties’ development. In particular, the project's thematic coverage included money in politics (campaign finance regulations), electoral risk management, political parties' development and regulation, as well as gender and democracy.

Prior to joining International IDEA, Okong'o was Research Fellow at African Research and Resource Forum (ARRF) and Development Manager at African Population and Health Research Centre (APHRC).

MA in Governance and Development (University of Sussex, UK) and BA in Economics (University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania). Okong’o is completing a PhD in Public Policy and Policy Analysis (United Nations University/University of Maastricht).