Former International IDEA Staff

Elliot W. Bulmer

Former Senior Programme Officer
Emergency powers (comparatively), constitutional design, comparative constitutions, estminster Model / commonwealth countries, Small Island States, values and principles in public life.


Elliot Bulmer is a Senior Programme Officer. Bulmer work focuses on the policy-oriented analysis of constitutional design choices, with a view to equipping constitution-builders with the knowledge and understanding they need to make well-informed constitutional choices. As such, he leads the ‘Constitution Building Primers’ project, as well as leading trainings for civil society actors engaged in constitution-building processes.

Bulmer has a particular interest in the comparative study of Westminster-derived constitutions and in normative questions of constitutional and political theory. His current research emphasis is on how innovative anti-oligarchic constitutional designs may provide a response to the perceived ‘crisis of representation’ in democracies. 

Bulmer’s previous work experience includes work on constitution building in Scotland, as the Research Director of the Constitutional Commission (2009-13). He has also taught comparative politics and history of political thought courses at university level (Universities of Glasgow, Stirling and West of Scotland). Before that, he was an officer in the Royal Navy, with a particular interest in PSYOPS.

PhD in Politics (University of Glasgow, Scotland), MA (Hons) in Arabic and Politics, (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)