Former International IDEA Staff

Ana Alfredo

Former Finance and Administrative Assistant
Budgeting; Fundraising; Communication; Operations support; financial regulations and procedures


Ana Alfredo is the Finance and Administrative Assistant with STED Programme in Brussels Office, Belgium. 

Ana Joined International IDEA in June 2022. She is an officer with comprehensive know-how on project management support, consolidated through an experience of over 15 years with EU-funded projects in key roles of increasing responsibility related to the delivery of action plans, budgets and reports.

As a desk officer, Ana is responsible for the articulation between implementing teams and management departments. She is engaged with operational departments in areas such as accounting, communication or social assistance; as well as with executive and financial directors, supporting not only the design and implementation tasks but also decision-making processes such as the assessment and selection of project/partnership proposals or the participation in high-level forums for regulations negotiations. As finance operational, she has dealt with the need for up-to-date rigorous budget monitoring, combining strong financial management skills with very good planning and organizational understanding of long and short-term project objectives as to ensure programmed activities run effectively and efficiently, managing short-term targets while ensuring the delivery of long-term goals.

Ana have worked within the management unit of EU-funded projects, mostly grants, at six different organizations, from small-scale NGOs to public offices, including an EU Delegation, dealing with different financial instruments at both headquarters as field office environments and work dynamics.

BSc, Sociology by ISCTE, University Institute of Lisbon; currently finishing a MSc, International Development Cooperation at ISEG, Lisbon School of Economics & Management