What we did: We prepared European governmental and non-governmental policy advisors and policy influencers for the US-led Summit for Democracy.

What we achieved: We strengthened relationships and coordination between the various policy groups, facilitated access to data through a Resources Portal and systematically documented the views and priorities of 77 civil society organizations (CSOs) and other stakeholders in a Summit Briefing Note. The Briefing Note provided key data on democratic trends around the priority topics of the Summit and recommendations on inclusive participation in the Summit.

Who we did it with: The European Partnership for Democracy, Carnegie Europe and Reporters Without Borders

Impact area: Democracy Assessment

Grant/project name: Supporting Team Europe Democracy—Strengthening democracy evidence and communication around the Summit for Democracy

Donor: European Union

Award period: 15 October 2021 to 31 December 2022

Boundary partners: Governmental and non-governmental policy advisors and policy influencers

Democracy is a founding value of the European Union, which, when its member states’ grants are counted too, is the biggest donor to democracy-related projects.

With this as background, the EU launched its Team Europe Democracy initiative in November 2021, with the support of International IDEA. It is focused on strengthening democracy data and achieving better coordination of views and actions among civil society and other stakeholders in view of the Summit for Democracy on 9–10 December 2021 and its follow-up actions.

The EU-funded project includes the development of a Democracy Monitor by International IDEA to track democracy and human rights indicators in the pandemic and post-pandemic era. Several initiatives were implemented by International IDEA to strengthen communication around the Summit:

  • We convened a group of civil society, EU member states and EU representatives in October 2021 to discuss options for Summit deliverables and commitments. The purpose was to strengthen relationships and coordination between these actors to inform participants on Summit preparations, to discuss model commitments for the Summit, and to hear about the views and initiatives of various stakeholders.


  • International IDEA gathered and systematized the views and priorities of 77 CSOs and other stakeholders and presented these in a Briefing Note at the Summit. The Briefing Note served as a coordinated civil society intervention, providing key data on democratic trends around the priority topics of the Summit.


  • We launched a Summit Resources Portal, where people can find relevant information on the Summit, Summit commitments and Summit side events organized by the various stakeholders. The Portal also provides links to democracy data and democracy publications.


  • To facilitate reporting back on Summit commitments at the end of the 2022 Year of Action, International IDEA started tracking Summit commitments on the Portal and will involve and coordinate civil society in discussions around the monitoring of commitments in 2022.


The further roll-out of the project in 2022 will prove crucial to the long-term sustainability of our endeavours to assess the performance of democracy globally.