What we did: Twenty-nine International IDEA Member States released a joint statement to convey their shared commitments to strengthen democracy and democratic governance.

What we achieved: We strengthened cooperation between the 29 countries to promote democracy.

Who we did it with: Member States

Impact area: Democracy Assessment


Ahead of the US Summit for Democracy on 9–10 December, 29 International IDEA Member States released the following joint Democracy Statement to convey their shared commitments to strengthen democracy and democratic governance:

Now, more than ever, democracy needs a robust democratic governance agenda at the center of foreign and development policies. It is particularly urgent to lend support to governments in highly vulnerable countries and especially those at risk of being destabilized by the pandemic and other global challenges.

“This is an endeavor which summons us all. As a group of democratic nations, we reiterate our commitment to join forces and advance democracy in our own countries and globally. We stand ready to support International IDEA’s efforts to work with democratic actors—including parliaments, electoral authorities, political parties, independent media, and civil society groups—around the world. We invite others to join us in this cause.

The message garnered extensive media attention and was circulated widely by Member States online through the #JoinForces4Democracy campaign on social media.

The Member States’ Democracy Statement is a foundation for the coming Year of Action on Democracy, which will culminate with the Summit for Democracy in December 2022.


‘This is about more than safeguarding abstract principles or winning geopolitical battles—it is about protecting the dignity of human beings, which democracy does better than any other political arrangement. Concerted, global actions by national and multilateral actors are needed more than ever.’

Kevin Casas-Zamora, Secretary-General of International IDEA