See also the publications Voter Turnout Since 1945: A Global Report and Voter Turnout in Western Europe since 1945: A Regional Report, which are based on the data in this database.

External Voting

Responding to the consequences of advancing worldwide democratization and massive economic, social and cultural globalization, an increasing number of less developed countries are today also seeking to offer external voting to their citizens, of whom a significant proportion often resides abroad.

Furthermore, in post-conflict societies, with large numbers of refugees and displaced persons, external voting operations are being organized on a massive scale to allow for the inclusion of these people in the electoral and political processes at home that are designed to lead to national reconciliation and lasting peace. At the same time, technological progress (including but not limited to e-voting) can sometimes provide increasingly effective and efficient means for elections to be free and fair, even if a large proportion of the voters are outside their country of origin.

For more information about external voting, such as country case studies and comparative information, please see Voting from Abroad: The International IDEA Handbook

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