Illicit Networks and Politics in the Baltic States

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Language: English
Pages: 40
ISBN: 978-91-86565-95-4
Binding: Paperback

One of the biggest threats to democracy today is infiltration of political processes by transnational organized crime. It undermines constitutional frameworks and the rule of law, it violates the integrity of the electoral process, and it corrupts political parties and the very principle of democratic representation.

This study explores how the Baltic States are affected by illicit interests. It looks into how illicit networks and political actors forge relations in this region, from illicit financing of political campaigns, to intimidation of voters, establishment of new political parties, joint economic enterprises and money laundering operations. The authors identify policy responses to this phenomenon, highlighting challenges in implementing them and proposing options on how to strengthen these responses.

Policy frameworks
Policy challenges: insights from the field
Stakeholders’ responses
Acronyms and abbreviations
Annex I: Research methodology
Annex II: About International IDEA

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