Funding of Political Parties and Election Campaigns: A Handbook on Political Finance

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Language: English
Pages: 458
ISBN: 978-91-87729-24-9
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All political parties need funding to play their part in the political process, yet the role of money in politics is arguably the biggest threat to democracy today. This global threat knows no boundaries, evident across all continents from huge corporate campaign donations in the United States and drug money seeping into politics in Latin America, to corruption scandals throughout Asia and Europe. Attempts to tackle these challenges through political finance laws and regulations are often undermined by a lack of political will or capacity, as well as poorly designed and enforced measures.

This handbook addresses the problems of money in politics by analysing political finance regulations around the world and providing guidance for reform. The chapters are divided by region; each assesses the current state of regulations in relation to its challenges and offers a series of recommendations to tackle the identified shortcomings. This contextual approach has the benefit of revealing regional trends and patterns. An additional chapter focuses on gender, reflecting the reality that women remain grossly under-represented in politics, and how the increasing influence of money in politics perpetuates this inequality.

This new publication from International IDEA on political finance around the world is a timely and much-needed contribution to the field of democracy support. It builds on International IDEA’s previous work and provides a better understanding of the current state of political finance regulation. It also offers recommendations on reforms for a range of stakeholders and provides concrete suggestions for future research. Through sharing global practices in the field of political finance, this handbook is an important step in safeguarding the integrity of elections and of democratic politics.

From the Foreword by
Kofi A. Annan
Chair, Global Commission on Elections, Democracy and Security

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