International IDEA is contributing to the work of the Steering Group of the Explaining and Mitigating Electoral Violence

21 March 2017
Kings College London
United Kingdom
Protesters Blur

Protesters Blur

Image: Geraint Rowland

Following two workshops in Washington D.C. hosted by the US Institute for Peace, the next expert workshop on Combating Electoral Violence is taking place at King’s College London on 21 March.

This day-long event will provide an opportunity for a select group of international practitioners and academics to debate strategies of electoral violence prevention. The workshop will also showcase the interim findings of the project’s research and invite feedback from participants. Sead Alihodzic will present International IDEA’s experiences on “What Works in Combating Electoral Violence” gained through the use of International IDEA’s Electoral Risk Management Tool (ERMTool).

Partner Organizations/collaborators: 
US Institute for Peace