Conference programme


The GEO conference is one of the biggest democracy forums in the world. It attracts election experts from all continents. It is a perfect opportunity to share experiences, celebrate achievements and discuss new ideas in the management of elections.

GEO Conference 2011 (see programme in the box to the right) promises to be the most significant global event of the year for anyone concerned with elections. This - the fifth such meeting - is the first to be held in Africa and likely to be the biggest yet. Under the heading “Credible Elections for Democracy” 300 delegates will examine different aspects of the election process such as electoral reform, elections and conflict, and engaging electoral stakeholders. After three days of deliberations the conference will draw up a statement – the “Gabarone Declaration” - that will serve as a reference point for the future.

The conference is a must for members of electoral management bodies (EMBs), regional and international organizations and institutions, donors, practitioners and specialists, and the academic community– in other words, anyone working in the field of electoral assistance or the wider framework of democratic governance. It aims to influence the international policy agenda, and enhance practical understanding and solutions amongst people who make policy, and those who put it into practice. We guarantee that the caliber and range of participants will stimulate vibrant discussions on topics that will make the event memorable for everyone involved.

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