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Annual Results Report 2015

The Annual Results Report 2015 provides a complete account of International IDEA’s partnerships and activities during 2015.

Introduced in 2014, the programmatic results tables enable the reader to better appreciate the relevance and the impact of International IDEA’s contributions to...

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Annual Results Report 2014

International IDEA's Annual Results Report 2014 places an emphasis on accountability....

Annual Results Report 2013

In 2013 many observers pointed out the challenges faced by democracy around the world.

Annual Results Report 2012

International IDEA’s strategy for 2012–17 tackles the persistent threats to democracy around the world....

Annual Results Report 2011

2011 was a momentous year for democracy around the world.

The Arab Spring changed the...

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20th Anniversary

Website (2015)
Democracy: Achievements and Challenges in the Past 20 Years and Prospects for the Future (2015)

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15th Anniversary

Book (2010)
15 Years of Supporting Democracy Worldwide

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10th Anniversary

Handbook (2005)
Ten Years of Supporting Democracy Worldwide

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