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International IDEA has been developing knowledge resources, promoting institutional development and facilitating inclusive and informed dialogue about democratic reform options. International IDEA provides objective, neutral, non-prescriptive and informative perspectives on policy challenges for Myanmar’s democratic actors and decision-makers. Since 2015, International IDEA has been working in support of inclusive, democratic elections through capacity assistance to the Union Election Commission, civil society, media and other electoral stakeholders. This is as part of the Support to Electoral Processes and Democracy (STEP Democracy) project, a partnership with the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD), Democracy Reporting International (DRI) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and with the support of the European Union. In partnership with the Parliamentary Centre, Canada, International IDEA works to build the capacity of Myanmar’s parliamentary oversight and budgetary management roles.

Setting up in Myanmar

STEP Democracy acknowledges year 1 achievements

As part of the European Union-funded project Support to Electoral Processes and Democracy (STEP Democracy), International IDEA Myanmar has had an active year working with the Union Election Commission (UEC) in support of peaceful, transparent and credible elections in Myanmar.

Highlights include the development of a system and regulations to accredit election observers. In 2015, more than 12,000 observers were accredited, animated voter education videos were produced, knowledge products were produced and disseminated, and an Election Risk Management Unit was established within the UEC.

Learn more about the acheivements of STEP Democracy's first year, a collaborative project.



Myanmar and International IDEA: a long-lasting partnership (What's new)

On September 30, an extension of the Memorandum of Understanding between International IDEA and the Myanmar Union Election Commission (UEC) was signed by His Excellency UEC Chairman U Hla Thein and Yves Leterme, Secretary-General of International IDEA, at International IDEA’s Headquarters in Strömsborg, Stockholm.

Lessons learned from the Myanmar elections (What's new)

The 8 November elections in Myanmar were historical for its higher levels of credibility and transparency. The Union Election Commission (UEC) overcame large technical and logistical challenges in the run-up to election day. Voter lists had to be verified and updated, ballots printed, secured and distributed, observers accredited, voters educated, and candidates registered. In addition parts of the country was suffering from severe floods which further complicated the situation.

Myanmar continues work on electoral risk management (What's new) Leading up to the November 2015 elections Myanmar’s Union Election Commission (UEC) used the electoral risk management tool (ERMTool) and approach developed by International IDEA to monitor and prevent election-related disturbances. Now a decision has been made to continue using the electoral risk management mechanism throughout the electoral cycle.

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