Norway and International IDEA

Norway is one of the founding members of IDEA.

Norway, a List Proportional Representation democracy, has worked with IDEA since its formation in 1995 and provides funding to the overall work of the Institute.

A large part of IDEA’s funding comes from its member states “core contributions”, which finance the entire work programme of the Institute: Programme of Operations 2007-09. Each of IDEA’s member states is therefore involved and instrumental in IDEA’s work to promote democracy worldwide.

Highlights of International IDEA’s activities in relation to Norway:

  • A project designed to support constitution building in Nepal was launched in November 2006. The overall objective is to support a peaceful, inclusive and participatory constitution building process which can lay the foundation for a sustainable democracy.
  • IDEA’s programme in Bolivia supports political parties and other groups in developing proposals for constitutional reform. The programme has facilitated international forums and exchange missions to share and discuss relevant aspects of constituent processes and autonomy regimes in various countries, including Norway. 
Friends of International IDEA

Current IDEA Secretary-General is Vidar Helgesen, former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway and Special Adviser to the President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Ms Kaci Kullman Five, former Cabinet Minister and Chairperson of the Conservative Party of Norway, is currently a member of the Board of Directors.

Former IDEA Board Chairman: Ambassador Thorvald Stoltenberg, President of the Norwegian Red Cross, former Foreign Minister and Minister of Defense of Norway, and UN Special Representative in the former Yugoslavia.

Facts and figures about democracy in Norway

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